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Previously on digitalsewer…
Natalie was hating on Warren for some obscure reason, “Acidman” was mediating by being his usual derogatory self and all manner of slinging was the accepted norm. All this while effectively inventing blogging and social media. We’ve come so far since then.

In the meantime while we were growing up, establishing careers, getting married and becoming parents, technology gave rise to a number of tools that would aid us in with communicating with our peers: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, blogging and smart phones. Our world is now slightly smaller than it used to be. We also make less poop jokes.

After a number of years of dormancy, I’ve decided use this domain again, perhaps for it’s original intention of presenting my thoughts, perhaps just to have a place to dump the pictures of my kids (since there aren’t enough of them on Facebook as it us) but whatever it becomes, I can only hope that this experience is enlightening for both of us.

(Title photo is of my son Alex, aged three, at Greenpoint park, pretending to be Spider-Man)

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